Tell Columbia Sportswear: Ban toxic PFAS in outdoor gear and clothing

Camping season is fast approaching. Many of us are gearing up for summer camping trips, hikes through the woods, and enjoying days at the local swimming spot. But what many outdoor enthusiasts don't realize is that there are toxic substances lurking in a lot of the gear we use to enjoy the great outdoors.

In fact, this class of dangerous chemicals, known as PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, is found in everything from hiking boots and rain jackets to tents and climbing ropes -- and too many companies aren't acting quickly enough to protect their customers.

The lifecycle of a product like a waterproof jacket exposes people to harmful "forever chemicals" at every turn, and Columbia Sportswear has the opportunity to be a leader in the movement away from PFAS.

Join us in calling on Columbia Sportswear to commit to phasing out the use of all PFAS in its supply chain and products by 2024.

Subject: Columbia Sportswear, ban toxic PFAS in outdoor clothing and gear